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Trending Positive Dog News

Week of March 25, 2024

Recap: Must Love Dogs Spring Festival

If you are in North Carolina, Guilford County is hosting the Must Love Dogs Spring Festival event on Sunday, April 14th! This event will be at Northeast Park in Gibsonville.

Recap: Elementary school uses facility dog to calm children when they are upset

An Alabama elementary school is using a trained Labradoodle to help de-escalate children who are upset. The positive behavior support is a resounding success.

Recap: Dogs improve rest and relaxation brain waves

A new study shows that dogs are the ultimate companion when you need some R&R. Science continues to back the positive relationship between dogs and their owners.

Recap: Tips for Summer Pet Travel

This quick video recaps pet travel essentials before your summer vacation.

Recap: Dog friendly travel in Aruba

If you are looking for a luxurious getaway with your dog, check out these recommendations in Aruba.

Week of March 18, 2024

Recap: Dog Walking Improves Concentration

A study shows that walking and grooming your pet dog releases neurotransmitters that boost concentration and creativity. It is also beneficial for your dog, with the same activities boosting their feel-good chemicals!

Recap: Best Nor Cal Hiking Trails for Dogs

As summer travel approaches, Northern California is a wonderful dog-friendly region. This article highlights 6 great hiking trails for dogs if you want to enjoy not so hot weather this summer.

Recap: 5 Tips for Shopping with your Dog

As more stores allow shoppers to bring their dogs, this article highlights tips for shopping with your dog. It outlines guidelines for Petco, specifically, but recommendations can apply to many stores.

Recap: Dog-friendly Pubs

More British pubs are advertising themselves as dog-friendly spaces. As warm weather approaches, this article describes beautiful countryside pubs that welcome owners and their pups.

Recap: Dog Funeral Goes Viral

A dog owner has gone viral for providing his dog a beautiful funeral, including a minister and an open casket.

Week of March 11, 2024

Recap: Travel Spots that Welcome Dogs

As summer approaches, more people are looking for dog-friendly travel destinations. Flagstaff, AZ tops the list, but California has the most cities listed for dog welcoming vacations.

Have Dog Will Travel (Image Freepik)

Top 5 cities for dog-friendly travel are:

  1. Flagstaff, AZ

  2. San Luis Obispo, CA

  3. Santa Barbara, CA

  4. Austin, TX

  5. Portland, OR

Recap: Service Dogs Need Exposure to Tattoos, Mohawks, and Piercings

People are needed to raise future service dogs, and some groups are recruiting those who have mustaches, mohawks, tattoos, and piercings. Why? To desensitize puppies early on and make them less reactive to unfamiliar styles. Also needed are families with young children and cyclists.

Photo Credit: Sky News UK

Recap: Spring Dog Collars

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Just in time for spring, check out these must have collars from Lionheart. As an amazon affiliate I may receive a small commission, at not cost to you, if you purchase from a link on this page. At $10.99, these bright collars are less than a coffee shop order (no tip required).

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Recap: Science Confirms that Dogs Reduce Pain and Anxiety

In least surprising trending article of the week, a new study confirms that our brains respond positively to puppies. Science shows why dogs make us feel better, increases memory, and lowers stress.

Recap: Scent Training Can Improve Dog Behavior

Scent training can improve your pet’s behavior by improving impulse control and how they handle cognitive tasks. So if you have a food-motivated or houndy dog, try scent training to keep them entertained.

Week of March 4, 2024

Recap: Julianne Hough say being a dog mom has improved her mental health

The celebrity host of Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Hough became a recent new dog mom to Sunny. After her two beloved spaniels died on the same day in 2019, she overcame the grief to love again. Now, Hough says she spends the first 15 minutes of each day just being present and playing with Sunny.

Recap: In trending positive dog news, family dachshund gets all the love

A viral video captured a family moment when their doxie stole the show. This Good Morning America clip also celebrates foster pups as the host showed off adorable pictures of his 18th foster dog, a 5 lb. chihuahua named Mario.

Recap: New product repels pet hair from clothes

A new product is getting lots of attention for an age-old problem. However, Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets repel pet hair and moisture so fur doesn’t cling to your clothes. Check out the article here. Now that’s good news!

Recap: First graders practice reading to foster dogs

Foster Tales Puppy Therapy is combining the best of both worlds: adorable puppies in need of a forever home with loving children learning to read. Check out this amazing class!

Recap: Jennifer Garner’s Therapy Dog

Actress Jennifer Garner’s dog, Birdie, is in the news this week. She is a therapy dog at a Children’s Hospital. I also profiled therapy dogs last week in an interview with Sharlet Jensen. Garner gave an inside peek to life with Birdie in an interview with We Walk Dogs that you can check out here.

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